Here’s lookin’ at you Ed… A Letter from LTC Bill Schoonover

Congressman Edward Markey

2108 Rayburn House

Office Bldg

Washington, D.C. 20515

Easy Ed:

First, you use the term “representative. Here is whom you represent:


2. That piece of garbage in the White House flying on AF-One 5 times a week.

3. The democrat party – the most corrupt, vile organization in this country.

Saw you on Fox and can’t believe the ignorance you displayed. Perhaps sucking off the public tit for 30 years has dimmed your once keenly acute, shyster lawyer mind.

First of all, man-made CO2 plays a minimal role, if any, in the so-called global warming, now called climate change. Do you have any idea what the major culprit is? No, I thought not. It is water vapor, the same greenhouse gas that comes out of the tailpipe of the “eco-friendly” cars you dems are pushing, and the watered golf courses in the desert some of you play on.

And, what the hell do you think plants eat? Tofu? God, I think one must be a troglodyte to be in Congress!

Having spent 3 decades spending my Allah-damned money (you make easily 7 or 8 times what I do, not including your spouse) getting yourself re-elected by the unbelievably stupid Massachusetts Kennedy sycophants – the same people who keep re-electing Barney Frank – you know, your buddy whose sweety pie ran a whore house out of their home.

All of you in Congress would be criminals in prison if you hadn’t exempted yourself from the same laws you enact on us. Do you think my county commissioners could buy and sell votes by offering $millions to each other to secure votes? Hell, no. But that’s the scum you are.

Global warming is a hoax. The sole purpose is to control and tax the hoi polloi (that is everyone else who is not invited to your fancy DC cocktail parties) which you contend are basically riff-raff too stupid to think for themselves. Your president, your messiah, flying in AF-One, puts more CO2 and water vapor in the air in one week than most small cities do in a year just for photo ops or to take the missus shopping in Paris or London. Or Fancy Nancy’s 757. No bitch from you there – only sickening, fawning adoration by you and your party.

1 million dollar photo op

I could easily fill a book (as many pages as some of the bills you pass without reading) recounting the treasonous, unconstitutional, lying, hypocritical and arrogant – the last two are Jay Leno’s words, not mine – things you do to maintain your power and income.

How right Lord Acton was when he said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Most of you can only sleep at night because either you have no conscience, or believe the end justifies the means, or both.

I hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year. I also hope you find yourself in private practice doing what attorneys do best – screwing people.


Bill Schoonover

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  1. admin says:

    Greetings LTC. Schoonover,

    A scathing letter indeed. Congressman Edward Markey is a first-rate cockholster. While I have no faith in the people of his Mass. district to replace him, I am confident that he will soon be in the minority party.

    Take a moment to relish the thought of corrupt progressives like Markey working tirelessly in the 2013 legislature–all for naught; Sarah Palin’s veto pen will dispatch all their hard work!

    Cheers Colonel,


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